The Kremlin is a fictional publication that is written, illustrated and distributed by a radical resistance group based out of Moscow, RUS. This edition, released on the 9th day of November 2016, shows great disdain in the United States election of Donald Trump, as well as denial of their own government’s involvement in the election, who they too have a great amount of disdain for. For this project I wanted to explore experimental layout, type treatments as well as illustration inspired by some of the greats of the Russian Constructivist movement: Rodchenko, Tatlin and El Lizzitsky. The information is displayed in the style of a dated Russian newspaper that would have been seenduring this time period of the very early 20th century until the second World War. Along with the publication, there are propaganda leaflets that are also inspired by this tumultuous time period and its bold, structured style.

art direction

Dermot MacCormack

personal project

Spring 2018


Jonathan Masters, CFR

© 2020 by Billy Murray

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